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Is it normal to like your family better from far away?
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I am a freshman in college, and go to school 6 hours away from being home. When I am at school, there are plenty of times I am homesick and just want to see my family. On the other hand, when I do end up seeing them, I almost regret it because I can't stand how we get along in person. It's becoming rarer and rarer for us to all get along and have a nice conversation. IIN to like them better when I can't see or interact with them than being with them all the time??
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yes this is SO normal, my sister is in the exact situation- she goes to university 10 hours away (I'm sure i will be in the same situation when i leave for college). Her and I get along really well, but it is a different story with our parents. She will miss our mom so much at school at times, and then when they come home it's nice- for a few days. Then they start to bicker and my sister realizes that she enjoys the freedom she has at school more than at home. But it's always the same. She goes away and misses us just as much!
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I miss my family but when i see them i have awesome times.
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