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Is it normal to lose interest in a guy after dating for 3 months
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I've been dating this guy for about three months. At first it was a lot of fun and really exciting and romantic. But recently it just seems less exciting. I don't get butterflies when I think of him anymore. I don't enjoy kissing him as much either, it just seems a little boring. BUT I still enjoy being with him and we still joke around and flirt a lot. I know I still really like him, I just don't see why I feel this way all of the sudden. So is it normal to feel this way so early into the relationship?
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Have you had sex with him? If not, maybe you should. Sex helps to intensify the romantic bond.
If have already had sex, well... yes, I suppose that the "falling in love" phase has finished.
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If you are bored already, you probably aren't "Meant to be". I found three months to be the longest I could be with anyone until I met my current bf. I still get butterflies and I have no doubt in my mind that I could be with him forever. Its been a year, sooo not bored.
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What do you think of 2 years?
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I disagree. Sex is not something you use to fix problems. It is an expression of love.

If you don't feel that he is special anymore, you need to ask yourself why. You must also consider that he is not the "one" and that it may be time to move on.
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It's normal for the butterflies to fade, but usually it takes several months for that to happen. If you are already bored, then maybe you're better off as friends. You can still enjoy each other's company without dating.
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i did few times. i got bored of them too fast
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