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Is it normal to love thrash metal but hate death metal?
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I consider thrash metal and death metal to be completely different styles of music. Thrash metal has clean, high pitched vocals (most of the time), and death metal has low, guttural growling. The riffs in thrash are fast, aggressive, and pleasing to the ear, while death metal riffs are down tuned, slower, and more atonal. Thrash metal is more coherent and has better phrasing, whereas death metal employs random, senseless, and sudden time and key changes. Thrash metal has guitar solos that have feeling and soul, whereas death metal's guitar solos sound like just a bunch of fast, random picking and fingering. Thrash metal drumming sounds emphatic and powerful, whereas death metal drumming sounds out of control and silly.

My passion for thrash metal is very deep and I can listen to to all day long. But the minute someone plays death metal I am extremely put off by it and cannot tolerate it whatsoever. Is this normal?
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I LOVE Metallica, Slayer, FFDP, A7X, etc. But death metal just...turns me off majorly. Not a fun genre to me. To me, Slayer's melodies and beats are second to none, but bands like Nile... they just go too hardcore.
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yeah you like what you like. The only metal I listen to is nu-metal and Sunn 0)))
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Totally normal millions of people feel exactly as you do on this subject, I imagine.
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I like to thrash people listening to metal with a steel dustbin lid around the head!
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Too many metal chicks laughing at your dick when you flash them?
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I think Death Metal is stupid and comical.
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I'm in the same boat for the most part, I love bands like Metallica, Judas Priest, slayer, iron Maiden, megadeth, avenged sevenfold, anthrax, Motorhead, etc., there is a few bands that kinda go into that growling, like disturbed that I think are alright, but I don't think they would be true death metal.

I'm not really into death metal either, but hey, to each their own.
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You have to like both you nincompoop!!
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Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Your viewpoint is what it is. I'm old and got into heavy metal before the branching into all the various sub genres took place.
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i wouldn't call them completely different, especially since death metal spawned from thrash, same as black metal. it seems as though you're either not listening to the right bands, not listening to enough dm styles, or not really seeing some of the intricacies of death metal. some of your criticisms are just the result of bad production not letting intricacies really shine through. if you haven't listened to a full album start off with Death - Symbolic, it's THE entry dm album. really heartfelt solos and interesting chord progressions.
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