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Is it normal to love watching my wife get fucked by our dog
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One day my wife showed me me that the dog would fuck her. I got so horney that when the dog was done i fuckes her untill she was raw.
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Can't wait to see your face when she's at the hospital giving birth and a Dalmation pops out. All the nurses are going to be looking at your wife like, "Looks like this one is a dog fucker" and then look at you like "Dog fucker's husband". And then your newborn as "Spawn of dog fucker".

What a great family! You must be so proud of your dog fucking heritage.
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If you ever pay attention in science class you would know different species cant bread with eachother. So its not possible at all for a woman to get pregnant from a dog.
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@: Ramit10
I don't need to pay attention in science class. I obtained a science-based PhD in the fall of '09. I understand how conception works. You, however, don't understand how sarcasm works. Pay more attention in your sarcasm class!
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i just assume tha that means ur wife is a bitch then.
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To the OP. Its normal, men love hypersexual wives. Only a an ass would not.
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