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Is it normal to masterbate if your a christan
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OK im a christan and I masterbate and I heard that its not normal to masterbate if you a christan so im confused is it normal or not.
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Comments (9)
The Bible isn't a big fan of any kind of sex that doesn't make babies, but that doesn't mean people follow the rules, Christians included. It's normal :)
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It's normal for any human to masturbate.
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YEP... Everybody does.
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Not everyone, but yes. Doesn't matter who or what you believe: masturbation is common enough to be normal.
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It's okay god wants you to feel good!
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I'm a commuted christian and I masturbate every day! 18, male.
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Thats normal. Um christian and i masturbate all the time
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@: --ash--
umm ok your kinda weird because most unborn babies as you say just get killed any way through a condom
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You don't have to take the bible/religion literally.
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