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Is it normal to masturbate at least 3-8 times in a day?
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19, male, arizona
Whenever my girl friend is on some family get together, i miss her so much, even if it's just one day, i can't help my body but i get super horny for her, so i masturbate like crazy. I don't even have to look at porn, i just think of my baby and i masturbate so much. I can't eat or sleep w/o thinking of her so i have to masturbate for her. At least, i masturbate 3 times in that day, and sometimes i get up to 8 cummings. But by that time my cock is sore and harder to cum, but a lot more orgasmic. And then when i can't cum anymore i call her up and just stroke myself. Anyhow, is it normal to masturbate from 3-8 times in a day?
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Above 3, would be very sore for you.
Give it a rest!
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