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Is it normal to masturbate over my step sister?
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I like to masturbate over my step sister ("step" so there is no blood relation) I just find her very attractive I cannot help it. I have recently been masturbating 2 or more times a day over her (when I say I masturbate over her I mean I look at her Facebook bikini pictures and look through her laundry and sometimes when she comes over I can see her from my room so I just go hard out). I feel wrong but also feel very horny when I am going at it haha... Is this normal? Should I masturbate over other people/things and how do I "stop masturbating over her if I should??
I also fantasize about her catching me.

P. I don't really like to maturbate over porn (Please don't suggest it), I have done in the past but it's just not me

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Comments (8)
She's your step-sister dude, bang her!
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it totaly normal i do this with mt step brother too and it feals good
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Tell her to rub ur back then rib hers she might get horny...
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I want her to catch me! should I make her hehe >:)? haha
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well, step sister. not blood related. Though it will make a difference how long she is already.

If you grew up together since you both were small, then that should not happen.

If she was "improved" from classmate to sister a year ago, it's more than natural.

Know what i mean?
i'll just assume you are about the same age. If she "joined" your family in the last few years, it's a normal desire of you.
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Yeah, completely normal. Hell, it would even be legit if you had sex with her.
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If there is no blood go for it.
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Screw her. Literally. What's stopping you?
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