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Is it normal to move while your asleep?
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One night, i was almost asleep and i was half dreaming. i was dreaming that i was running through a jungle and thought that i tripped on a log. Not in the dream, i jerked my foot backwards, thinking that i had actually tripped which woke me up.
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I learned how to fly in my sleep.
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Yes, it's normal.
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1. STAGE OF PARALYSICS :) IF YOU DONT HAVE CLINICAL depreSSioN are similiar dont do a worrying
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I do this all the time.
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I do that, so don't worry, it is completely normal!
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Omg today I had my head on pillows and was laying to my left on my bed yet I woke up on the floor head wear my feet should be and on my right
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When ever i feel like im falling in my dream i jerk back
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