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Is it normal to never have a nice dream
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Is it normal to never had a good dream in my life?

Basically, the first thing people ask is what about wet dreams?
Yes I have them but they always have horrible elements to them which makes them a nightmare, I don't think I can really go into details on here though.

I am 21 and I have spoken to people about this and I've never met someone with the same issue. Ever since I can remember dreaming and my first dreams where about monsters mostly my family becoming monsters or being monsters in disguise.

I also had my first sleep paralysis when I was about 6 and saw an alien party gathering in my grandparents house where I was sleeping. I have suffered from sleep paralysis and horrifying lucid dreams over the years but never anything atleast remotely pleasant

Okay so before anyone calls me crazy (or says the typical " its possible you have good dreams but just forget them") I would like to know if there's anyone else out there who has never had or remember a good dream. I've heard stories and always wished I could dream about nice things but it still has never happened and I'm 21 and still waiting.

I would also like to add that pretty much EVERY TIME I have the sleep paralysis there is like an entity entering my room and its gotten to the point where I tell it to f**k off. One night it was literally grabbing my leg. I know I sound crazy but this is serious and my psychologist validates these as normal. I do suffer from type two bi polar but it is not very severe and I have it under control through positive lifestyle choices rather than medication
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I still have trouble remembering my dreams.

Don't worry


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I dream of smoking.
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maybe you have night terrors
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I never have 'good dreams' either, they're always either nightmares or somewhat neutral vaguely creepy dreams. Still, I really like dreams...once I'm awake and know they weren't real.
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