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Is it normal to not get friendship?
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So, clearly it's not normal to have friends just so you can help each other out (as my last post showed at 11%). So why do you have friends? I'm being completely serious and I just want some help! I'm introverted and just don't desire friendships, but then, I feel like I'm missing out on something! What is the point of friendship?! I've always experienced it as more trouble than it's worth! Is it normal to be this confused about something that is supposed to be natural?!
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What makes you say antisocial personality disorder? You shouldn't throw around labels you don't understand. I'm introverted, not angry. Avoidant or Asperger's, but not antisocial. And really I was looking for advice, not labels. I just enjoy my own company and silence over groups of people and conversation and was curious as to other's experiences with friendships.
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well for me friends are for having someone there with you through good and bad times, they're people you love enough to help them and sit beside them even after they've done something wrong. They share your ideas and feelings while every second is deticated to making eachother laugh and have fun... That's just what I think :/
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sounds great. How do you find that?!
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trial and error i guess?
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antisocial personality disorder

get mental help
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sounds to me like you just haven't met a good friend yet. i only have 1 friend that i trust w/ my life and he's the same w/ me. in fact my mom makes fun of us because we argue like a married couple lol. but he's like a brother to me
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You are asocial like me.
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