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Is it normal to not have the thirst to always have a girlfriend?
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Okay so uhh hi, I'm going to try to make this as short as possible. I'm 18 I like girls 100%, my first and last girlfriend was in the 8th grade I liked her a lot but she seemed to like me for only one thing, but that's not what I'm here for. I'm not interested in girls it's something I just can't control, I've had plenty of girls tell me I'm relatively good looking and funny and a few girls that act like they like me but I'm just not interested. I do go on and try to talk to girls but I just don't feel it., does anyne know if theirs something wrong with me, can anyone relate? AM I NORMAL? lol thanks...
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Seriously though, you sound perfectly healthy.
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i'm in a similar situation. well I guess i WAS in a similar situation, because for some reason i've just started seeing a certain girl in a new light.

you won't / shouldn't feel like you want a girlfriend until you meet the right person.......... or the same person in a new light lol.
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Im with you. After my last few gf's I have given up hope. Now if someone comes along, then sure. But untill then I just quit looking.
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Yes it is. No one wants to be alone. I once had these feelings but after coming to the retaliation that 95% of the world is drooling morons. I at this point told myself "Well I tried I am done and going home this journey was never worth it. I do not know why I wanted to be like a average human".
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Try watching more porn and stroking ur cock as u develop a hunger for hot, juicy vagina
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