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Is it normal to not like kids and be scared of pregnancy?
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Is it normal for me to not share any enthusiasm towards kids? Even for family members, when they have kids, I express no enthusiasm. The kids tend to be grumpy, ignore you, and others expect you to be the most enthusiastic person ever because a kid is there, while most of the time, you are being ignored by the kid anyway.

A couple of days ago, my uncle had his birthday, and after he blowed out the candles, they had to be lit again, so that the grumpy, ignorant 2-year old could blow them out again, why? I ask, I mean, the kid would have been just fine without blowing out the goddamn candles, not mentioning, it was a complete waste of time.

I am scared of pregnancy, the thought of something growing in my stomach terrifies me. I don't think childbirth is beautiful, it's natural and all, but I don't think it's a miracle. I don't share any sort of joy, because there are kids, or that kids are being born.

Is this normal? My family tells me my "motherly instinct hasn't kicked in", and I keep on telling them, it won't. And I'm sure it won't. It's hard for me to get a long with a person who likes kids and talks about them sometimes, because I simply don't like them.
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It's normal :) Being a woman, people expect you to have this innate 'motherly instinct', and that is just not true at all. We are just as likely to not want kids (or vice versa) as men.
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I'm just like you, I would adopt if I were to have a child.
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I hate kids with a severe disdain that is uncompressible. You're not alone.
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I think it's pretty normal. Not everyone is the same. I am actually happy that I've seen your post. I also share that fear of pregnancy.
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If you don't want to have children you don't, thats it! I love children, i have nephews and cousins at their tender ages before five and i love being silly with them making them laugh. I myself, cant have children because i don't want to anymore. I cant ever afford them and i simply cannot protect them. High School will eat them up like it ate me up and, i cant wait to get married to someone who approves a vasectomy. Hell i hope i can even afford a vasectomy in general!
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Freak out.
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I like kids but the thought of one of my own terrifies me. Its ok to dislike kids!
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Fist of all I Like Kids in alot.of ways but sometimes they can be troublsome and annoying so theres nothing wrong with you feeling that way.
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Are you scared of having sex too?
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