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Is it normal to not love your boyfriend after 8 months?
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So i've been with this guy for 8 months now. He's 20, i'm 18. He's my first serious relationship, i'd had flings before but nothing serious or official before. He's deeply in love with me and proposed to me months ago, i said yes at first but made us go back to bf and gf after two months of being engaged becuase i felt i wasn't ready and didnt want to lead him on.

But the real issue is i'm not sure i love him, i really do adore him,being with him makes me happy in general and i was a mess before he came along. But i think about other guys (to be clear i would NEVER cheat, despite being tempted) and dont think this is a good sign. He'd be such ana amazing husband material in the distant future and an amazing dad if we ever had kids. am i too young to be se serious with someone? i adore him but dont think he's the one, should i persue the relationship and see if my feeling grow or end it now? Everyone ive spoken to thinks i should end it. comments welcome :) (sorry for the rant)
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I loved the smooth, rich taste of Marlboro cigarettes in 8 seconds.
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I don't think it's necessarily a bad sign to think about other people sometimes. You're human. So long as you stay faithful thinking about other people is okay. I think most people in relationships think about other people to some extent or another, even if they are very deeply in love.

Sometimes love doesn't come quickly. I think you should tell him that although you really do like him, you're not in love with him. There's no need to break up with him yet because you could fall in love with him in the future if you really like him and he makes you happy, but you can avoid the possibility of leading him on and hurting him in the future by making sure he knows how you feel right now. He might no initially react well, but it's better than accidentally leading him on.
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If you don't you should dump him and save his little badger face.
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It's hard but better off not to hurt him further on. U need to be happy and have butterflies and of this ain't happening u stay? Have a week away with the girls and when u get back u should of either missed him like mad or wanna carry on being u!!! That will give u ur answer Hun good luck
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You need to tell this guy. Tell him you're not sure you're all that ready.
Even if he's a really good guy, if you aren't as ready for him as he is for you, you never did belong to him in the first place. I'm sure he'll find an amazing girl that's ready.
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If the passionate love didn't happen in 8 months, then maybe you should call it off for a while and pursue other people- if you realize there isn't anyone else out there, then you decide whether to pick back up with your fiancé or not. Just imagine the rest of your life with this guy who you aren't madly in love with- that's a LONG time.
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I think he scared you away when he proposed. It can make you think of SO many things at once, and once you get to the end of your thought chain, which usually ends with something like "I'm not ready O.O" You feel overwhelmed and pressured. Then you just want to dump him to get away from it.
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It's nit a requirement to be in love to date someone. But if he loves you, you should tell him how you fees so he doesn't get any unrealistic expectations or anything.
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