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Is it normal to not want to get married?
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I have the most wonderful boyfriend. He is everything I could ever hope for and more. He is honest, caring, funny, mature, extremely smart, successful, sociable, mentally balanced, handsome, great sex partner, and my best friend. We've been together for one year, I have met all his friends and family, they are excellent. I love and care about him and he loves me and treats me like a queen.
He would like to get married in a year. But I really don't "feel" like I want to get married. I don't want to settle and enter a mundane, routine lifestyle. I admit I am totally hooked on feelings and romance and the initial excitement of relationships, and I'm scared it's going to get boring. I'm sure it will be nice and comfortable.

I am 25. Am I being childish and immature?

Do I need to face reality and realize that this is as good as love gets? Do I need to stop watching romance films and realize that emotions are fleeting and an unreliable reference for life decisions? At the same time, I know that he "feels" totally in love with me all the time. I feel this is unfair, I want that too. I don't feel that with him. Should I brake it up?
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You're not being childish and immature, this is a real issue. There is a reason why most Hollywood romantic comedies end with the boy and the girl getting married and they don't talk about what happens afterwards. Because marriage does have an element of routine in it. You wanna know what it feels like, observe your parents! That's the "routine" we are talking about.

I don't think you're against marriage, I think you're just being young and you still want to enjoy life and that you're just not ready for the everyday routine of marriage. This is very normal. Give it a few more years and things may change. You may start thinking about having your own family and stuff.

You shouldn't break it up with your boyfriend... why spoil a perfectly good thing? Just enjoy the moment, give it time and we'll see what happens next.
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My parents are in love, emotional, and excited about each other, romantic and not living a mundane routine
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Don't worry, when you dump this boyfriend I'm sure you'll find some ruffian who will mistreat you so that you can feel fulfilled.
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While it might be that you are spoiled with attention and love, you might also just not "love" him... unfortunately, we don't fall in love with people for their good qualities. It seems to be something else... something very mysterious.
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Sounds to me like this is a great guy, in almost every way. And he seems to love you a lot.

I wouldn't rush marriage opon yourself if your not ready yet, but do remember that you don't find people like him everyday, and it'd be a shame to let it go to waste. I'd kill for what you have.

Wish you luck.
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Be lucky you found a man who actually wants to get married. They are rare lol
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Move to Europe! All men want to get married here. And they ONLY date to look for a mate.
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Thank you very much for the wise feedback. I do feel blessed. I was a lonely girl for 2 years before I met him and like you "babybeluga" felt like I would kill to have what I have now. But the funny thing is I no longer feel that way... Now I crave something more. It's only when I meet/ see/ or hear about couples who say their partner makes their "heart sing" I know I just don't have that.
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It's very normal. Stay single and fuck whoever you like.
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Not at all, I think you have a very healthy attitude. Have you discussed this issue with him?
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"Do I need to stop watching romance films and realize that emotions are fleeting and an unreliable reference for life decisions?"

You're kidding.

Life decisions + emotions = really messing everything up. Don't let your emotions get in the way.
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Marriage doesn't always mean mundane, don't let a stereotype scare you from commitment. Especially if you are so happy with the person you are with. You might end up losing him because you're afraid of things becoming boring.
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