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Is it normal to obsess over TV show characters?
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I'm really into the TV show Criminal Minds right now, specifically the character Reid. I don't really know why I'm so attached to him, maybe it's his innocence or his young age compared to the others, but regardless of any of that, he's my absolute favorite. Anyways, I am so obsessed over this show that I will rewatch episodes where he is in emotional turmoil or physical turmoil and I really enjoy it. I'll even turn to fanfictions where he has to be taken care of or where he's suffering. Is that sick?? I sometimes imagine myself in his place and I don't know why I like that. I can spend hours and hours looking up different stories or watching even more episodes, hoping to get to one where he's hurt. Why do I want him to be in pain? Do I want myself to be in pain too? I feel crazy. Is this in any way normal?
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Hahahahah yes. This is normal. You are becoming a fangirl. Soon your best friend will be Tumblr. Don't worry. Self control. Keep busy. Don't give yourself too much time to think about him. Or his dimples.
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