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Is it normal to only pee once or twice a day?
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Even if I drink six bottles of water, I only have a pee once or twice a day. Is it normal?
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It doesn't mean you have a strong bladder!! That's ridiculous it's a natural biological function your bladder holds the processed waste of your fluid system after the body has absorbed what it needs it sound like your dehydrated and might be using more liquid than you provide so drink more fluids if it continues talk to your doctor!!
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Depends on how big the bottles are and how much active you are/sweating you do.

6 16oz bottles? Sounds about right. That's not a whole lot of water. (Normal.)

6 galleon jugs? Definitely not. In which case, you may need to see a doctor about where your liquids are going if its not excreting as urine. (Not normal.)
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You should probably start drinking more water. Peeing only twice a day doesn't sound healthy to me.
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Most people would think that's not normal, but it's normal to me. Honestly if your bladder's strong enough to do that, then only go twice a day; roadtrips will be much easier for you to handle!
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I do that too. It just means you have a strong blatter.
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It depends on how long you pee when you do.... If not much comes out then you may have a problem... But if not then you just have a strong bladder
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You are likely to be prone to bladder and urine infections as you get older, unless you start allowing your bladder to do its job properly.

For a start you probably need to drink more, as other people have suggested. Its good to be able to hold yourself when you need to, but holding all that waste in your body when you should be expelling it is definitely not healthy!
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If you are drinking six bottles a day and still not urinating you need to see a doctor.
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