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Is it normal to pass out after getting your blood drawn?
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Last time I got my blood drawn I passed out right in my seat. The woman doing it had to get the nurse and have me lie down.I remained fuzzy headed until a medical assistant gave me a glass of coke.This sucks.There was aways something that made me nauseous about getting blood sucked out of my vein?
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I believe it's normal. I felt light headed when I did it the first time. I guess the nurse leaving for 5 mins with a full vial of blood stuck in my arm didn't help though.
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I have really low blood pressure and can't give blood for this reason. Blood tests always make me woozy to the point where I need juice and a little time before I can drive away. My dad is the same way.
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I always get really woozy after having blood taken and it takes a long time to return to normalcy.
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It is normal, believe me. I pass out pretty much all the time wen I see blood or if I feel sumthins goin wrong. But thts bcuz I hav anxiety attacks, but yeahh it's normal
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This happened to a girl I know. She always hated to see blood. She's 27 now, and has grown out of it, but whenever she saw blood, that was it for her...
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Definitely normal, I actually almost fainted the first time I got blood drawn. I had the whole "tunnel vision" sight. I didn't know it happens before you faint, but the nurse did and forced me to lay down and eat some snacks. She told me it happens a lot, that is why they have snacks ready.
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giving blood will make your blood pressure drop that alone can make ppl pass out combine with the fact that there's less blood means less blood sugar in the body and less blood to carry Oxygen all these things happening at the same time passing out is more common then ppl think ......NORMAL
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i passed out after i got it drawn too!
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I don't mind giving blood. I watch it come out and go in the tube. Probably a little weird.
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I can't do that. There is always a big cringe sent down my back whenever I think of it. I always remember getting pressure-pointed. It doesn't even hurt, it just sends a horrible cringe. o_o
But anyway, that's completely fine. A lot of people pass out or feel light-headed.
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Happened to me. And I'm 6'4", 210 lbs (muscle i assure you). I think I squashed the nurse, I dont really remember.
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That happens to me too but i have a problem with adrenaline and i get so worked up about it when they do it im fine but when i get up to leave i usually pass out
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I know what you mean when you see something like that in a tube.
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The doctor accidentally took out a bit more blood than usual, so my friend fainted. Her dad had to carry her to the car and when she woke up, her dad said that she was a Drama Queen. Then, she got very angry. ...My friend also slapped her mom with cheese and said: I don't want your cheese sticks!
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