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Is it normal to poop after exercise
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The last couple days after exercising, I have had a massive shit. Is that normal?
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Exercising moves your bowels, I guess.
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I'm guessing ur a guy cuz of the way u said it lol. I think it's normal cuz like the other person said excercising moves ur bowels and plays a big role in digestion.
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lol well i can say its normal...if you havent moved alot before and start excersing outta no where then yeah..cause your getting your body to move..not to sound gross.. but i had that happen to me like every time i come home from a walk i have to take a shit haha,
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yea it is normal
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Yes this is normal. Because your body is moving around your bowels move as well. It's a good thing, you are getting rid of bad toxins.
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Oh cool I know I'm not the one who posted this but thank you for answering the question I was worried.
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Ugh... you are the nasty ass guy at my gym doin that shit huh? UGH. That is really wicked for the rest of us to be punished during our workout and when we pass through the bathroon to take a piss. The shits after a workout smell more dinosaurish then human. gross...
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haahaha yeaaboii
drop a big fat german after pumpin iron
gettin rid of the fat init
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@: babykev
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