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Is it normal to press down on your full bladder and feel pleasure?
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I dunno. I'm pretty sure I noticed from being at movie theaters, drinking all my soda, not wanting to leave to go to the bathroom, accidentally pressing down and feeling a lot of sexual pleasure. I've been doing it ever since... is this normal?
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Gosh I have been looking for this question for FOREVER!

Awhile ago, I mean at least a few months back, I was searching the web for an answer to the same question. This page popped up in the results one day, but I didn't click on it and then forgot where to find it. I was hoping that I'd come here and someone would have explained what was going on.

Think I've found an answer though.

Apparently the bladder rests right overtop the "G-Spot". So when we press on it that's why it feels so good. Some women wait until they have to pee really bad before they go to the bathroom, says that feels really good too.

If you already had found an answer, ignore this lol.
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as the previous said the bladder puts pressure on the G spot and with some clitoral stimulation you can get some ncie feelings also pain from a very full bladder followed by relief will make another really ncie feeling as well , like banging your head on a wall and it feels ncie when you stop
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