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Is it normal to pull out your pubic hair?
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I enjoy pulling out my pubic hair as a form of relaxation. It's usually the very wiry hairs that I feel for, and pull out. Sometimes I nibble on the ends of the hair that was embedded in my skin.
I don't mind the pain either.
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haha its strange to read coz it sounds gross, but i do that too ^___^
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Sick go get help
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i do that as well. Sometimes it's just hairs that have grown too long or have tangled/knotted. Or when I'm really relaxed, just any old hair. Once they're all 'perfect', I still pull--it's relaxing. Nibbling on them is a bit of a pain, though--they get stuck in my teeth.

You're not alone. It's called Trichotillomania or trichotillophagia, which is the pulling/eating of hair. It's actually really common.
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yes, i totally do all the stuff you just wrote about!
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