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Is it normal to really miss the year 2009?
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I was born in 1982 and 2009 was by far the best year in my life. I was 27 then and some of the best events happened in my life that year, and other than some tragic celebrity deaths 2009 was a pretty good year for the world as a whole, and the last year life felt so warm, post 2009 everything feels so dull and cold. 2009 was just amazing from beginning to end.

So many good things happened to me then, too much to describe here. I got my new high salary job, met and started dating my most favorite girl friend (we broke up the following year, but if I had to chose anyone to be my life partner, it was her), and it was the last year I had contact with my college friends, and we arranged a huge unforgettable gathering, we had so much fun then, the event itself was so awesome and heart breaking that it alone could have defined the greatness of that year and present day I am too occupied with work to even thinking of making an event like that, that year I went to a very adventurous expedition to Egypt and it was the year Star Trek my most favorite movie was released and I watched it and so much more.

Older people, say those born in the 1940s will find older years like 1969 their best year which I respect, but for me 2009 was the best, and it was the last great year overall in the world which seems to be headed in a very tragic direction. I found the 90s a pretty good time, but was too occupied with studies and exam pressures then. Never had life been so free and refreshing like in 2009 (for me). 2012 was the worst year in my life (my father died I had a terrible family row with my brothers over property issues that caused my life to take a down turn), though 2016 can overtake it, been a very dull year. I now wish time would stop at 2009 and really miss it.
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Everyone has their favorite year...
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2009 was a good year for me too, not my best year but still a very good year, and you are right the world post 2009 does suck...
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I don't know, it wasn't really a special year for me. But it's normal to have fond memories of a certain time in your life.
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that was the worst year of my life, met my first girlfriend....then 3 years of misery following her cheating on me and breaking my heart
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I liked 2009 too, my life finally took a new direction and I was happy with where I was going.
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Start working on your time machine.
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You might have an even better year yet to happen. Onwards and upwards!
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