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Is it normal to rip skin off the soles of my feet.
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I rip skin off the bottom of my feet, it's really bad because the soles are really sore and it becomes difficult to walk. I rip them off with sissors and here is the weird bit, I enjoy biting on the skin before I throw it away. I also rip the cuticules off my toenails and I bite my nails. But the feet thing is really bad, does anyone else do this? I think it might be something to do with my Anxiety.
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It's normal to some extend.
I do it as well, but sometimes I dont know how thick the hard skin goes and it leaves the newly created skin exposed.
It could create a serious infection especially if you have Athelete's Foot.
If you cant content yourself,get something else to blow your stress on.
(except other pats of your body)
even a gum could be usefull for the nail biting.
for the feet, just stop it,
I know a classmate of mine in art and design. who took up wood carving class.
You see chipping of chuncks of wood distracted him from chipping chincks of his own flesh.
try something similar, hope it helps.
Good luck.
try wood carving,
it will distract you.
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Ahhhhhh!!! I'm fucking scared. This is hurting my feet. :OOO
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