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Is it normal to secretly hate your closest friends?
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I just dont like anyone. I feel like there all stuck up, self centered idiots. but i'm also young so maybe im just growing at a different rate, mentally, then they are. whatever. is it normal?
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Find new friends? :-/
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everyone gets to a point where you realise everyone has flaws, some people are fun to be with but are back stabbing jerks while other are the most honest, loverly people, except for being stuck up. its sorta like yingyang shit, just gotta find people whose positives outway their negatives
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i hate mine too..not hate..just kinda annoyed with all the bullshit that they do!
some of my closest friends are back-stabing types..
i hate them...self-centered too...always thinks of them selves..
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I feel that way for some of my friends. Others are just great to be with, though. But I can relate very clearly, for people in general.
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I think it's hard to deal with people sometimes when you get to know them too well. When you understand where they're coming from all you think about are the bad things that you find out about them. I find sometimes i wish i had different friends, and always think about the bad things they've done. But in the end, they're all I've got. I think you need to accept your friends for who they are and try to list good things rather than bad things.
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Okay they aren't friends if they are backstabbing you
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I know exactly how you feel, sometimes this means you are spending TOO much time with that person and you need a break, and sometimes it means you and that person are growing apart... maybe you just arent a good match anymore!

Sometimes I feel like that with my friends now, but I have come to find that even though we get in our little fights, whenever i really really need them they are there, or if they really really need me i am there, and that is how you can tell if they are true or not
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