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Is it normal to see the future in your dreams?
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So I dream alot and I see the future. I have only been seeing the future
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I've had this happen on a handful of occasions, but not all the time. Take it as a gift. Use it for good.
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Yo I feel the same way... One time I had a dream that my friends familys supermarket would burn down so I told them about it... Long story short it did about three weeks later and I've been trying to predict the future ever since
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it happens random to me...i cant make it when i wish, if u dreaming about future and u think events r possible then maybe tell every1 whos get involved to be care (ofc if its dangerous to them)
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recently the past few months andyears i been having dream that can tell the future. Like once it happened to me in 5th grade. Two weeks before i started school again,i had a dream i was in a group and we had to pick our colors. A boy name ryan said organe. Two weeks after that i was in his group and he said the exact thing. Ididn't even know him yet. i was amazed. I also had another dream a few months back about me crashing the car into a tree and my dad was right next to me. He didn't yell or scream at me and just sat there clam. Yesterday it did happen, i crashed into a tree near my driveway when my dad was teaching me how to drive. he was clam he didn't yell at me. Gah..if i do have a third eye or released it somehow.. should i be afraid or embrace it?
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It happens to me all the time im trying to control it its not stopping.
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I have dreams like this very rarely anymore. But when they do happen and I try to tell someone about it, it either ends up happening in a completely different way when it finally occurs. Or when it happens it inpacks the person in a bad way rather than in a good way, like in my dream. I feel like I shouldn't tell anybody about these dreams. But if I don't, what's going to happen?
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Im so freaked i have had visions for the past year in my dreams evrey week and now their happening in the day when im awake im freaking out i had saw me in my cofin when im an old man and i came back to life at my funeral it was so creepy and im only 14 man im super freaked with this
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It happens to me all the time... the only problem is the constant sense of deja vú and then finding out that you HAVENT been there before...
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once i was playing a game with my cousin i think it was sorry the board game and he had to pick up a card that had 1 on it and he did and said suck it and stuck his tongue out then i went to pick up my card to see what it would have been and he was like WOAH its my turn and i said what the fuck its my turn u just went i looked down and his peace was unmoved i said ok go and the exact thing happened then this happened to me multiple times again but it was only images in dreams never just right there again and eventually i would come across that image like i would look over and see exactly what i saw in my dream this happened to me like 3 times and then it just stopped and never happened again
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Unlocking your 3rd eye let's you dream about what you want to
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