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Is it normal to see the spirit of my dead cat?
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So last year my cat passed away and about a month after his death I keep seeing him out of the corner of my eye. I sometimes see him run pass me and when I sit on my bed I can feel my cat walking on it but when I turn around there's nothing there. In some ways seeing him or when I think I see him it brings a bit warmth to my heart. Is this normal?
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He's haunting you as revenge.
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Sounds more comforting than vengeful. Cat ghosts a good. I trust cats!
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You just really miss him so it may be happening in your head, its normal to mourn dead pets but we must move on...
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I see animal spirits all the time. Two friends and I had to bless the first's house because some people practicing Navajo witchcraft would make noises at night like five owls hooting at once, and they would sometimes scratch under the windows with what sounded like massive dog paws making the baby cry. They even tried to imitate the baby once. It stopped after we poured prayed over oil around the shed and windows/doors. Supernatural aside you may just be mourning or it could be that your cat doesn't want to leave you yet.
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I've seen that for a good year after a pet dies, if not longer. It's just your imagination remembering your cat and expecting to see normal kitty hijinx, but it's still comforting.
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The fact that you miss him is making you imagine things. It's normal though. I used to be the same way with my dog.
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It is quite possible. I have heard of people seeing their pet's spirits.
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It's your cat saying hello
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There's no such thing as a spirit. You're imagining it or hallucinating. Either way, there's plenty of confirmation bias going on.
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