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Is it normal to set roaches on fire?
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Okay, so I moved to Georgia in a not-so-nice apartment complex and was welcomed by unwanted guests: cockroaches. I noticed that smushing them would allow them to still twitch after... which freaked me the hell out. So I got this crazy idea: burn them to death.

I have a regular handheld gas station lighter and each time I see one, I literally burn them to death - singe off their legs and antennae. It's gotten to the point of which I look for roaches to set on fire. I scan cracks and corners with my lighter just daring one to reveal itself. I just hate them SO much; I literally want to just burn every single one of them to death.
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Oh my Lord! You'd best change to ways, cause if you end up in Hell your tormentors could very well turn out to be arthropods... cockroaches! Eeek!

I used to be deathly afraid of cockroaches, not that I like them now of course.

When I lived down South we used Bengal Roach Spray, and that seemed to do the trick. Seriously, don't waste time trying to burn the dirty buggers, you might accidentally burn yourself. I know, because I saw someone do that. I feel for you, roaches really are disgusting!
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Cockroaches are the scum of the earth, destroy them any way you see fit, albeit that burning them with a lighter seems a bit ineffective as you can only "zap" one at a time.

I would suggest that you purchase a "plumbers blow torch" that would be a much more cost effective solution to your could zap their whole nest with one crazy blast!

Look for them in warm places i.e. behind the geyser, behind the fridge, behind the stove, behind the heating system etc. you are sure to find their nest there and obliterate the little fuckers!
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Take a lighter and a spray can.Light the lighter and spray the can through the flame.Point the flame thrower at the spider,bug,or insect
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nobodys said it so i will

ive burnt a few roaches in my day too
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as long as you're not trying to burn your house down, then yes it's normal
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They're horrid, disgusting vermin. Kill them anyway you like.
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Would you want to go in one of those tanks where roaches are poured over you like water?
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You're the reason for Terra Formars.
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Haven't you heard of roach motels?
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That's alarmingly abnormal. I'm not sure how old you are but children that exhibit this behavior are much, much more likely to be serial killers. I wouldn't foster this malice if you can help it; if you can't then try to see a therapist.
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I do the same with cats... we have a major cat overpopulation problem in my neighborhood and I see them as pests to be destroyed.
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