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Is it normal to shake uncontrollably when I smoke weed?
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Only sometimes.
Putting on a blanket helps; I think my mind just thinks I'm really cold.
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Where do you live maybe, just maybe it is fucking cold?
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I come from California and I'm living in Boston, so yeah that might just be it lol
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If you experience unpleasant sensations, just don´t do it.
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Anything can happen when you smoke. Shaking happened to me too while smoking, but only when I get really high (with a spacecake for instance) and even then it's rare. Only happens on a few occasions. As long as you don't always shake on every smoke, it is only normal.
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I've never done that while under the influence of Mary Jane.
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No its not bloody well normal.ffs.
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Yeah weed amplifies how you feel, so even if ur a bit cold, your body might start shivering thinking it needs to get warm. As long as it doesn't happen every single time, your good
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one of my friends smoked up! and he was shivering .. so i guess its normal!
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I literally shake or twitch every time I get high almost. It's annoying bc I go to school high a lot and I can't really control it, but people notice.
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