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Is it normal to shave armpits (guy)
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I shave my armpits during track/football season because it doesn't smell as bad and my coach told the team to do it a long time ago (not sure if he was joking or not) and some of my teammates have asked me about it a few times. Is it normal?
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Comments (8)
Your body, do what the fuck you want with it.

I'm a guy, I don't completely shave mine but I do trim the hair back some. It's more because I have way too much there though and it grows quite long, looks gross untrimmed.
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Of course it's normal. The same way some girls don't shave their legs in the winter or how some women don't wax their mustaches. Everyone should just be who they are and those who dislike it should just mind their business. Shave on, bro.
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Oh no hygiene! Please! Shave whatever u want. It's YOUR body.
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Why not,I shave my ball bag!
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I do this from time to time, I find deodorant works better without the chunk of hair there
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I use the hair clippers without a guard and buzz my underarms. It feels good without the hair and it takes care of any potential odor.
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If your armpit hair smells bad then you mustn't have been washing properly. No need to shave it.
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yes why
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