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Is it normal to shoot sex videos of my wife with a hidden camera?
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I love to record my wife having sex with me using a hidden camera. Then I encrypt the files and open them later to masterbate. She's not in the mood as much as I am and not always home, and most of the time I enjoy watching her more than porn. I've approached her about making videos and she's way too shy or too self conscious to agree or act like herself on video. I enjoy the art of hiding the camera and setting the stage. It's an extra secret dimension to my sex life with her.

I think she suspects from time to time and that makes me even more turned on. I hide the camera in plain sight but it appears off and out of commission among some of my other photography equipment. But it's on shooting full HD.

Once she was riding me reverse cowgirl and leaned into the camera asking ... "Is this thing on?" I replied ... Is the record light on (it's not because I can shut it off). And said, "Of course it is." She rolls her eyes, giggles and continues to ride me but then her gaze returns to the camera from time to time with a suspicious look. I love it. I've thought of showing her but then she'd know for sure and might act differently. 

Anyway. I love recording her and wondered if this is normal and if other do it. Normal or not ... It's what I do.

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If she has already said "no" and you still go ahead and film it without telling her, that is almost certainly illegal. More importantly, if she ever finds those recordings she'll be seriously angry, and with good reason.

If you really must film it, put it to her like this: "Let me record it or I'll watch porn". Then let her make her choice, and only do whichever one she says she is comfortable with.
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To be clear - she hasn't said no, but I have only orbited around the subject and I wouldn't want her to act like she's on camera. I suspect she is a bit like NotFloydzie (thanks BTW)- but I don't want her to know. It'd ruin it. I also think she is comfortable with plausible deniability - she wouldn't do that but her husband can't get enough. At some point, soon, I'll tell her I use to turn on that camera and see what thinks. From her reaction I'll discuss the frequency of it and whether I kept the files.

But that's all up to me. I am mostly curious how common this is.

(The group is called "is it normal?" not "should I do this?" speeding is illegal and not always the best thing to do, but quite normal.)

So - How normal? It's so easy and so many devices have cameras without lens caps. I gotta think people do it but maybe it's not a turn on.
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If she was really picky about it she would have checked the camera herself, or maybe she was too distracted to care ;)
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I voted not normal. If my boyfriend did that to me I would feel violated in a way. I would feel disrespected. If I told my boyfriend no I would trust him to not do it. You could be trying to find signs she's into it that could possibly not be there. This is just my opinion.

Some people might not feel comfortable being videotaped because of what could happen if the relationship ends badly, or if that person decides to show someone else...or just the fact that you know there's a video or picture of you on the computer that someone could find (Even if you know no one else could find it). Just the idea of the possibility of someone finding it.

I, personally, would like to know if there were videos of me having sex, even if it's with my husband. I think I would deserve the right to know.
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Well I told her today during sex (after she came just to make sure she was in a good mood!) I asked if I could record her / wish I had that last orgasm on tape. She responded with an expected - "No Mister - put your camera away!" But when I reminded her the camera used to always be out on the shelf and that I really would like some *more* video / pictures, she acted as I suspected. Somewhat surprised that I did it without her knowing because she said she's always expecting it, but not surprised given that I take pictures and videos of everything and am always chasing her with the camera. She protested any kind of direct video performance - not her thing - but was glad and flattered that she was the object of affection when I masturbated. She said, "Damn ... Hidden in plain sight - I gotta admit, that was clever. I'll have to keep an eye out for that." And I said I'd have to get more creative. She agreed. As I suspected - she doesn't want to know when she's recorded. She wouldn't want to knowingly perform ... and I don't want that either. So we have a happy medium and I can see this becoming somewhat of a game. She doesn't want to watch "That can be your thing" but is a bit curious about some things.

I think a lot of this depends on our relationship. She knows I have an inclination to take pictures of her and has tolerated the odd pic in the shower w/ a combination of annoyance and flattery and she's let me take some other sexy shots. I got warning signs early on, I probably would have backed off.
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She never said no just acted differently on camera people its not illegal even if he distributed it porn is legal so shut up
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Here is what I do, and it is very effective. I used HD keychain 808 dvr from eBay. It sells for less than $50. I place it at the edge of the window next to my bed. I also have a mirror mounted on the window using a suction cup. I tell my partner to look in the mirror, and talk dirty to me.

The direction of lighting coming from the window is perfect for this setup. It keeps their face in the picture, not looking down or have face covered with hair.

I do ask for videos, and I always propose that they use their own cell phone, so we can watch it together once, then they can delete it. They typically agree, but what they do not know is that my 808 DVR is right next to their phone.
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I don't think it's normal but she want to jack off to it right now
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