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Is it normal to shower twice a day, plus every time I leave the house?
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This would be about six or sever showers per day, since I am a college student and leave for classes and meals, plus part time jobs and clubs.
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Maybe you have OCD?
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Normal for a sex worker maybe............
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To need to do this you must have some sort of compulsive disorder which you should get treated before you waste any more water and totally remove all your natural body oils.

Please see a doctor: this is not normal and I think you already know that.
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you're wastin a lot of water boy. i could of absorbed that water myself you greedy carp
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Definitely not normal. Showering twice a day is more than enough.
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Depending on where you live twice a day may just be enough .
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"This would be about six or sever showers per day"

What you're doing is wasting water, removing important body oils, and drying out your skin. Perhaps you should seek help for this so you don't risk your health?
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