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Is it normal to skip so many periods
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I usually miss every other period. It's even skipped up to two months before and when I do get them they last for a really long time. Usually about 7 days but after that I spot for 4 days-2 weeks. I know I need to go to an OBGYN but it's hard to schedule an app. when I'm so irregular also I'm only 18 and I've never gone and I have to find one.
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Hey, I was having that same problem and still do. Except, I don't get my period at all, and what you are describing is how it started. After going a whole year without a period (please don't do that) I went to a nurse practitioner who specializes in Gynecology and she gave me a hormone that I take every 4 months to bring on my period. So that's what I continue to do. Another solution is taking a birth control which may help regulate you. A cause that may or may not be relevant to you is weight. Women who stuggle with anorexia or obesity have a tendency to have this issue. Good Luck! :D Oh and for tips on finding a health care provider, google is your friend. Also if you go to the hospital websites in your area, they usually have listings of their doctors.
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very helpful thank you
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I just go to a regular doctor to spread my legs but birth control might regulate your periods.
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are you Anemic? I have a sister like that..
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@: bluesun
That's a possibility I've never looked at the symptoms before but they fit
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Are you on birth control?.. If so do u take the pill or get a depo shot? Etc...
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