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Is it normal to squat on the toilet seat?
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I went camping for a few weeks and we were constantly hiking to a new area. There were no toilets around so you had to dig a hole and squat and shit in it. Now I can't crap any other way other than squatting. It's a new habit is it normal?
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i never NEVER sit on the toilet seat,since i was about 10 i have always squatted over the seat,dont wanna goet in2 to much detail,but its easier and cleaner that way
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They do this in some places in africa. Dont do it, try to get yourself to sit down. How would you feel is you sat down to crap and somebody left their dirty shoe marks on the damn seat?
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I thought that I was the only one who did this! It's mostly because I just don't like sitting where other people sat that I don't know. I get grossed out by it.
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