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Is it normal to steal my friends hot sisters panties?
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About once a month or so I go to my friends house and when his only sister isn't home I go into her dirty laundry basket and steal a pair of panties and go home and have my fun with them
She is 25 btw
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When I was 15 I took my friends sisters panties. There were in a hamper in the bathroom I opend it and there there were all bunched up so i took them.
the next day I went back and found some more and I j/o on them.
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cum on her panties
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I love wearing dirty panties. I have 8 sisters and I'm the youngest. They always put girls panties on me. Usually satin briefs. In the mornings there are panties all over the bathroom floor and they're usually pretty wet. Some people think it gross but I don't fantasize about my sisters in anyway i justlove wearing panties knowing pussy was in and I don't have to steal. And it's only satin panties that I wear and they all wear vs satin. Sometimes when I bend over they I can c your underwear. I get really embarassed or when my sister asks me if she cam have her Teddy back. My sisters know I'm not weird and they know I wear them. We don't discuss it unless they're looking for them on laundry day and I still deny it. I like my situation
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@: sneaks
lucky guy all those lovely panties 2 wear
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I have a pair of panties from a hot female I know and I use them all the time to cum in, I have vids on pornhub under hammer3333 of me cumming on them
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I've stolen lots of panties over the years. It's a real turn-on for me. I say have fun.
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So you steal girl's panties for no reason besides j/o to them?........ Cool :)
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No, not normal...I suppose to have the fascination about them is somewhat normal...but to steal them is over the my opinion...
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Uh....... No.
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