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Is it normal to stick carrots up my ass while masterbating?
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I got bored with normal masturbation so once i tried anal penetration. im married and am not gay. when my wife is not around i sometimes like to masturbate. now iv added anal penetration and masturbating at the same time. why does it make me come so much harder?
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Yeah it's the male g-spot. Though be careful if you peel it first because you can cut yourself and die if it's not peeled properly.
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Can't emphasize this comment enough. Why not just buy a dildo or get your wife a strap on so she can peg you? There are safe non sex toy items you can pleasure yourself with, but food just seems kinda dangerous to me. It could break, splinter, get stuck... basically people just be careful with what you put in your butt, it is extremely thin and sensitive skin and can swallow things if your grip on it gets too slippery.
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If you enjoy that, i know youre not gay, but convince your wife to have a threesome with another dude who would do that for you along with your wife finishing you up ;) sounds like a plan.
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My ex used to do this he told me. He loved it, it doesn't mean you are gay he wasn't.
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I think it has to do with ur prostate and how it gets stimulated
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Do you then throw the carrot in the stew and serve it to everyone. You can't be that stupid to believe that humans just now discovered that you can stick things up your rectum and achieve pleasure and arousal. I guess your wife is getting hers from the neighbor because she IS your sex partner, not a carrot. I wish you stupid boring people would get a life and maybe you wouldn't be masturbating so much.
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That fuckin' stew comment is hilarious! !!!!!
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