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Is it normal to stick your finger into your bum and dig out your poop?
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When I have those kinda hard poops that just don't seem to want to come out, I stick my finger into my bum and dig out all of the poop. Does anyone else do this??
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I hope you wash your hands...
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This is not normal, avoid this it may cause major health problems if any residue is left on your hand, under your nails or gets into any cuts or scrapes.
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Yeah I do omg I cant believe you do it too, how fun is that?
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EWWW, I don't not to be rude
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If you don't want to stop doing this, the least you could do is use disposable latex or vinyl gloves.

Doctors and nurses do it to people who have fecal impactions in the hospital. Seriously disgusting!
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Right, he/she should definitely use gloves if this is necessary.

Sometimes it is necessary, especially in cases of severe constipation or fecal impaction, to do such a thing. If you have not already done so I strongly suggest that you go see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan. There are often other things that can be done to avoid and treat the underlying cause. They will also give you great treatment guidance should you end up so constipated.

So yes this is normal if you are severely constipated or impacted, but the constipation or impaction is not normal and needs treatment.
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I've got Ms and have chronic comstipation but things changed after physio therapy on my butt hole plus 2 tablets of AMITIZA and things are just perfect now
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This isn't normal but I often have to dig poo out of my butt because I'm always constipated. In fact, I'm actually constipated with a vengeance right now!!!! I've been trying to get a poo out for over 3 hours so I will have to resort to digging the turd out - not fun at all!! Nothing else is working - no amount of pushing, straining, grunting or squatting is gonna do it tonight. I even tried a laxative a couple of days ago and it didn't work so I took another one yesterday, which didn't work either. The suppository that I used this morning didn't help either - I just pooped out a tiny grey turd, the size of my little finger nail!!!!!!
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There are other topics on here similar to your situation.. You should do a search. I am sure you are not alone.. Here is one good example for you to check out Don't listen to those haters, it's just a habit, but it can be broken.. Best of luck!!
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Eat more fiber and drink liquids. That should soften your waste... And please wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
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Oh dear... I realise this is a rather old post, but that could be indicative of health problems. My boyfriend is a PCA, he works for his brother who has Cerebral Palsy, but he told me that some parapelegics and quads are unable to use the bathroom themselves and need their attendant to do what you're talking about..

You don't mention if you're para but I'm assuming not or you probably would have mentioned it. But I would see a doctor and make sure nothing was wrong down there.
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Gosh, no... not a good idea. But get your bum checked out. You shouldn't have that much difficulty doing a poo.
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I've got Ms and have chronic comstipation but things changed after physio therapy on my butt hole plus 2 tablets of AMITIZA and things are just perfect not
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I have done it for years also dig it out with tissue and smell it lol then put it in toilet a few times thought it was in toliet but land on the floor not knowing left the toliet and had stood on it all around the house don't do that now make sure it goes in the loo ha ha I do it and think strange but does not affect my life nice to know also there's a few more diggers out there :-)
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i do this too but it got a red thing came out from my arsehole.
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