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Is it normal to still love your ex while in another relationship?
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I'be been dating my boyfriend for about 7 months and he has been my best friend for 3 years and he was there for me when I had a bad break up. Last year I dated this guy I thought I really loved and had a future with and we ended up sleeping together and he dumped me, a week later saying he didn't feel the love anymore. But even after 11 months of us not being together I still miss him and think about him a lot. I want to tell my boyfriend but I don't want to hurt him, because I care about him alot and don't want to ruin our relationship and friendship we still have. Is this normal?
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You shouldn't be in a relationship if you still have feelings for a past lover. You're leading your best friend on, that will cause more damage to your friendship than you think - depending on when/how he finds out.
Secondly, if this guy you're still hooked up over was your first sexual experience, then he will forever hold a part of your heart. You don't forget your first time, your first 'love', I know I haven't forgot mine! You're entitled to remember your ex and all the things you've been through together, that doesn't necessarily mean that you still love them, it just means you've accepted that at one point in your life they made you happy.
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You need to tell your boyfriend. If you don't love him then why be with him in a romantic relationship.

Just be friends for now since you still have feelings for your ex.
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Keep your mouth shut!

You are hankering after something that will never be coz he doesn't want you. Eventually you will wake up to this and start to enjoy your relationship with your bf. Forget the ex and get real.
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sounds like you need to consider another option - being alone for a while.

dating someone else immediately after breaking up really does no one any good. you need time to get to know yourself again
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It's very normal. It happens to all of us eventually. But it's not necessarily RIGHT. I have done it before, and it ends up just hurting people. If you still have feelings for someone else, you should just be alone and figure out how you feel towards the both of them. Take it slowly. Don't worry about the boy you are with now. If he really cares about you, he will give you time alone and time to think.
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