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Is it normal to still miss your ex after almost 3 months?
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I fell in love with this girl. She was my first girlfriend. We went out for 7 months and then she broke up with me. Its been almost 3 months since then and still she is all I think about. Everything reminds me of her and it makes me feel like crap. I can't imagine meeting someone like her again anytime soon. Is it normal to be this crushed after a break up? Keep in mind this was my first.
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tell her that u still love her duh
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On average it takes about half the amount of time that you dated somebody to get over them. This obviously isn't true for everybody but it seems to be for you.
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Sure you really liked her - so it is at least normal for you. It is also harder for the person who didn't end it. I do hope you can move on from your first to your next.
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Completely normal my friend!

Especially seeing as it was your first relationship and that she broke it off.

You're probably wondering why, thinking of all the things you did to potentially screw it up etc...

My best advice would be to think of the good times and take them with you, think about the bad times and think how you can change that in the future with your next relationship.

And lastly but most importantly, Get out there!!! With your friends, meet new people... you'll soon find someone else to love/screw/break up with... or possibly spend your life with!
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The first love break up is a tough one. Sometimes you never get over it 100%%, but I guarantee that you will love someone again someday, and you might even love that person more.
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its just some mind chemicals
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yes it's normal and the older you get the harder it gets. For some it can be life changing. quit thinking you'll never meet another girl like her then one day you will. make yourself happy, keep busy, try new things. They say time heals---it doesn't---it's what you do with the time that does. you must mourn she was important to you. you're not alone good luck
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for me my first after i lost the first love i could not forget her since over 15 months. so in my view it is totally normal
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deffinitly normal
just give it time
they say the best way to get over someone is someone new, but for me, i just needed alot of time without her and later started liking someone else
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Some people misses their ex even after lot of years....thats no big deal
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As hard as it is, move on. It's the only way to get your sanity back. Females usually have forgotten all about you by the end of the day. Miss her, but work on you!
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