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Is it normal to still think of my dead cat whenever I am shopping?
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I was shopping today when I saw a cute bow collar, and I thought how my cat (who is no longer with me) would look so adorable in it. Then I realised he is no longer with me, but I feel a strong impulse to buy it because....he might come back. (Which he never will)
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That's sad, buy it anyway , if yours doesn't come back get another pussey for yourself . I'm sure yours was very happy when with you you seem to have really loved it. Probably happy now too where ever it went. So turn that frown upside down, have a good life.
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aw, i'm sorry to hear about your cat, i have one myself and he's so loving. it's normal to feel that way, maybe you should think about getting another cat/kitten when you're ready?
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I'm sorry to hear, I've lost a cat and a dog:( it's completely normal- you are in the bargaining stage of grief, eventually it'll pass.
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I'm seeing cats everywhere now

Sorry for your loss. It's understandable you feel that way I guess
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