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Is it normal to take tramadol every day?
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Hello, i started to use tramadol every day, because it makes me so calm, balanced and relaxed. before i used to be anxious, nervous and i had highs and dephts. now nothing makes me feel like before. but im worried a little because it is opioid and even positive feelings like love and pleasure are disappearing. i just feel so balanced calm and in peace. is it normal to get this state only with drugs?
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I have no idea what this is but I'm going to go with "no."
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As above, has it been prescribed for you?
Tramadol is a painkiller & can also act as an anti-depressant.
However, it is an opoid (like morphine & heroin), very addictive & can have severe side-effects (regardless of what was said above). I have been on over 400mg a day for more than 2 years (alongside other meds) for a bad back injury & let me tell you if I miss just one dose the withdrawals I have are fucked up!
But in my case the benefits outweigh the downsides.
If you're not convinced just search "tramal/tramadol withdrawal" on Google or whatever & you will see. Have heard people say it is worth than meth, crack or even heroin to come down off & try to stay off...
Worst part is most doctors (including mine) don't seem to realise.

The point is, if you are questioning using it I am assuming it hasn't been prescribed for you?
& if that's the case you should really go to a doctor & see what they suggest.
There is a good chance they could give you something that will help your problem just as much, maybe even more without some of the nasty surprises included with a Tramadol addiction...
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you might wanna see a doctor, you could be addicted or hooked on to it, and just because it makes you feel good doesn't mean its good for you! and then find some other things that makes you feel good or calms you down, playing my piano or reading a long book helps me alot. Just a suggestion :)
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i'd be very careful if i were you, those types of medications can be highly addictive and withdrawing from medications like that can be horrible and dangerous. Im not sure if you have a prescription or if your taking them how your prescribed, but i would see a professional about taking medication like that.
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It's normal to want to feel good, and it's normal to reach out for things that make us feel the way we want to feel.
Like you, I often feel anxious or vaguely worried, and occasionally I, too, will have a Tramadol to calm myself. Mainly because there aren't a lot of side effects.
Basically, I will occasionally have a Tramadol to relax rather than a glass of wine.

HOWEVER! It's not normal to become dependent on something. And although I can completely understand that you might want to take one every day, this probably isn't good for your internal organs in the long term.
How many do you take a day? I know that some people who have them for pain medication can take up to 8 a day (how do they manage to stay awake?), but I believe sustained use like that can and will cause damage to your kidneys, etc.
And I know that for myself, personally, Tramadol can leave me feeling sick and faint (and I actually did once black out quite severely after I had had one).

Is it your own medication? Did you have it prescribed to you? If so, for what, and what dosage? Are you exceeding the dosage?

As to wondering whether it's normal to feel no love or pleasure while on Tramadol - I would have to say that this is abnormal. Everyone I know who has ever had it consistently feels increased levels of both love and pleasure when on Tramadol.
To me, it sounds as though you are depressed, which is what is causing you to experience this emotional numbness. Tramadol won't fix that; only seeing a counsellor or a doctor will.
I would suggest that you talk to your doctor, and be very honest about what's been going on.

Good luck to you!
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And to think it started with taking one and it made me feel good too. Not to mention since taking this medication I have had many seizures, to the point to now I can have a seizure without taking tramadol. It's like the medicine opened some flood hate for epilepsy. Crazy.... Stay away!
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I Have Been Taking Them For 2 Years Every Other Day And Have Had No Problem. Like U It Makes Me Feel Good And Not Care About Stressful Things. People Are Stupid As Hell Saying Its Addictive Because It Isn't At All. I Can Take Them For Months And Stop Right Away For Months And Not Care About Them. They Have Different Effects On People And Can Cause Seizures But Its Never Happens To Me, If So Id Simply Stop. Don't Listen To Stupid People That Think Every Drug Is The Devil.
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I first found tramadol in 2002. I wish this medication would go off the market. Im already an addict and my doctors knew this. After having my youngest my doc put me on tramadol. After researching this medication and seeing how I could buy it online. I thought I was golden. Since then, I have had a bad country song. I lost everything. Here we are in 2011 and that shit still haunts me.
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