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Is it normal to talk to your dog?
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I do it all the time.. like not just "sit" and stuff like that. I tell her about my feelings, guys and stuff like that...
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I talk to my cat more than I talk to everyone else in this world combined. She just gets me.
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I talk to animals as well and it is like they understand.
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Why not?

Does she ever give you advice?
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yah her dog gives advice, dating can really be "ruff" sometimes.
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totally normal, it is just the sense that you have someone to talk to if you have problems, and they just listen, and they can always keep your secrets
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Normal. I talk to my pet chickens. They stare at me and cluck like I have cake for them.
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Absolutely! I talk to my horse about things like that when I don't want to tell anyone. They're just good listeners s'all, and of course you know they're not going to tell anyone. ;)
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It's totally normal. I talk to my Siamese cat all the time. He's really doting. If I'm watching tv and I see something that upsets me he comes over to check on me. When I'm in the shower too long he checks on me. He's always helping me out with his love, affection and guidance.
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I talk to my pets too. I think animals like being talked to, even if they don't understand you.
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Absolute normal, you can even fuck or toy with your dog too.
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