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Is it normal to talk to your pets?
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I always talk to my pets- like, full on talk. I'll strike up conversations with them all the time. I know they can't understand me, but the get the gist if what i'm saying. My family thinks I'm wierd, but I can't help it.
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I talk to my kitten who also talks back. And sometimes she is the one who starts the conversation. So, normal to me! :)
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i think it's normal. I talk to my pets all the time, like they are people.
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It's normal until you truely believe they are also carrying out the conversation and answering back. It's kind of like with psychos, you're not crazy if you talk to yourself, your crazy if you answer back. Lol
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no its not i talk to my doggie Oreo i have a full blown conversation like when were walking and he runs away when i catch him i spank him then sti down where ever i am and talk to him about how what he did wwas BAD and how he needs to LISTIN to me when i say come here then i pick him up cuz hes small and on the way hoe im ike oreo you need 2 stat to listin to wen i call u ok boy no i no u dnt lik me hitting you and so on and so on so ITS NORMAL
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I think it's normal. I talk to my cats every day :) My Siamese actually talks back... in cat talk, of course ;)
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I talk to my cats. When I'm home alone I'm never really alone cuz they are here. I like to cuddle with them. They are a big part of my life. They are extra siblings!!
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perfectly normal. mom n me and ppl around us do it
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I love talking to my puppy I feel like she really listens she's so cute!
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Idk. You seem lonely.
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Ya it's normal I do it and I'm not lonley
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i talk to my cat, just feels more natural than being completely silent. secretly i knoes he knoes what i iz saying
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Uhmm.. Do your dogs talk back?? I thought not.
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