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Is it normal to tell your bf you might love him after 2 months?
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Okay. So me an my boyfriend have been dating for almost two months. We have a really strong connection and he treats me really well; he's simply an amazing guy. Recently though I told him that I think I might be falling in love with him and at first he didn't seem to be bothered by it, but now he's saying it's too soon and he needs space. I find this odd since after a few days of dating he had said that he thought he was falling in love with me. At the time I had said it was too soon and he agreed. With that in mind I didn't think he'd freak out at the idea of it but now he says it's moving to fast, especially since we haven't been together that long. He also said we should see each other less even though we only see each other once or twice a week, though we do text everyday. So, do you think it's normal to think I'm falling for him already?

Sorry for how long this is, but i thought it was necessary.
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I think you can know that soon, yes. Absolutely.

But this guy sounds wishy-washy as hell. Watch out.
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Sounds like you need to move on. If he said it that soon but freaked when you said it two months later then he isn't worth your time. Means he didn't mean it when he said it and any guy who throws that word around like nothing deserves to be treated as so.
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Your thoughts and feelings are normal. His are a sign that you should move on.
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I think it's normal, and you should move on. Talk about early I confessed my love to my gf _before_ I was even going out with her and she already had a bf.
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I'm the same as you, I'm on my second month of dating this guy an I'm ready to tell him I love him.
But your guy seems a little weird about it.
I honestly think you should dump his ass and find a guy that loves you back
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if people fall in love with people that theyre not dating, its normal after two months. you cant control ur feelings
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I knew I loved my guy after a month and he felt the same. But maybe ur guy isn't quite ready to take that step. Don't push him though. Let him have is space and just wait either he will come around or he isn't worth it. I think because u told him before that it was too soon that he really actually thought about it. Good luck
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@: soccer2
i did give him space, but after not talking for a day i woke up to a text saying we need to talk and he dumped me. he said he didn't want anything serious, which he had never told me before. i know it's a cop out and he's not worth it. and reading the comments it's pretty clear that i should just move on lol.
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Guys are more sensitive than girls some times they need to think about things more and doesn't want to hurt you
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he's lying to you.
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