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Is it normal to think everyone hates you?
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I feel like everyone I know hates me, but it's not even a feeling anymore. I am completely convinced that no one likes me, not my friends, not my family, no one. I'm tired of being the one who no one is afraid of losing when i am terrified if i say one thing wrong they'll never speak to me again.
Before I thought I was just being sensitive and insecure but it doesn't help when everyone treats me like shit and I know they treat me like this because I let them and I need to stand up for myself but I keep telling myself that I'm in the wrong and that they are right.

is it normal to feel this way? how can i feel better about myself? Let me know
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Maybe it would help to see a therapist?
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Trust me I know how you feel. I had few incidents and I felt rejected by everyone. I wanted to burn everyone and everything with a blowtorch.
After a week everything was back to nirmal.
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I have the same issues. You're just overthinking everything and you shouldn't. Remember: everyone around you loves you. In your head it's telling you to think the opposite, but your heart is saying to not overthink.
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Paranoia sucks.
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Yeah, it's completely normal...when you're depressed.
When I suffered from chronical depression, I felt that my existence was enough to make people disgusted, filled with hatred about my person. After going to a therapist, I noticed it was all an illusion.I never considered other's emotions. People aren't always happy and sometimes they just don't want to talk with your, or they're really angry and when there's no other target to relieve their anger other than you, then is inevitable...
There's a lot of reasons this might be happening with you. Maybe it's something similar to what I said, or maybe you have what people call "toxic friends". If this is the case, then just avoid them. A few signs of toxic friend is noticeable like: spreading personal secrets of yours to other people with no consideration of your emotional and psychological struggle; always blaming you for something bad that they done, instead of assuming responsibility; leaving you behind when times get harder; trying to impose their ideas, pushing against your will with little to no respect; etc.
I may have exaggerated, but you need to stop and analyze the whole scenario, find the problem, and focus on a solution. This is the only way to solve this dilemma, cause they're not gonna change themselves, only you will.
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I think what you need to do is gain your confidence back, perhaps see a therapist. But you also have to know that you are not alone and that plenty of other people have these feelings.
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I have the same problem
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You must surround yourself with friends and relative who u feel comfortable to them , and you can see psychology too . It helps. Sports and walking help as well.
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I am afraid to tell you that it is all your head, everybody around you loves very deeply but you keep pushing them away. Allow them into your private space and you will soon find that you are in fact surrounded by feel the love and live life to its fullest!
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i don't understand how i am pushing them away tho. I try to talk to my friends and family about how i am feeling every chance I get but they never want to talk about it, they seem to not like talking about anything negative:( idk
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