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Is it normal to touch a girl while she is sleeping?
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There is this girl that I've loved for years and one night her, myself and our friends partied and when is was time to sleep her and I shared a bed. I then woke up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and I was unbelievably aroused since the girl of my dreams was lying next to me. Of all things I just wanted to touch her so I just quickly touched her boob and butt. I was drunk so I masturbated as well. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now I extremely regret it and I'm not sure if I committed sexual assault. I made a vow to never do it again but I just don't know what to think.
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Dude, your over reacting.

Yeah probably next time wait till she's awake so she can enjoy it too, or so she can make the decision about whether to allow it or not...

But what's done is done, and really, you only touched her boob and but, and your own body.

Why don't you just explain how attracted to her you are and explain that you have alot of respect for her and that's why you feel really bad about this, and that's why you feel the need to tell her so you can clear it from your conscience...

I'm pretty sure she'll laugh at you, but at least you can move on and forget about it :)
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Lucky douche :)
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Make her do that to u
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Imagine her sucking your cock!
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Sorry but that's definitely sexual assault. Sexual assault is defined as touching another person sexually without their consent. And if a girl's asleep she can't consent.

Yes, I do realize this post is 4 years old. But there's the hope that OP might still see it.
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Yes it is not good. I touched a very close relative while sleeping with her. But she gave me the permission by giving me some signals. I sucked hee pussy and fucked her in that dark room.
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