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Is it normal to try lots of new hobbies in middle age?
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I find I'm far more courageous about trying out new hobbies the older I get; I don't care if I'm good at them or not, only if I enjoy them.

I find this strange as when I was only 10 years younger I was afraid to try new things, thought I couldn't do them. I now count many crafts, puzzles and artistic forms as hobbies.

I was wondering if this is a normal part of aging no one told me about?!
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I don't know if it's normal or not in the general sense, but it's an excellent constructive thing to do. With any luck, at least one of your hobbies will become a passion (or even a money earner) and you won't decline into boredom in old age.

Keep on enjoying what you enjoy: if that makes you happy then it's normal for you.
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