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Is it normal to use a social card with name typo
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I recived a card with typo i told 'em i want it to be changed they said you should change in the immigration office i didnt get an appointment yet , i have worked with that and no problems occured , should i fix it mean will there be a problem later ..
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Using an official documents with clerical errors is an constitutes fraud
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but that mistake is theirs not mine and i told 'em about the problem , and still didn't get an appointment with the US citizens and immigration services ,and i needed to work cause have no icome and my employer even didnt say any thing about it !, so it's not a fraud because i didn't hide it ! i
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But you knowingly knew it was a mistake and you did not take the means to correct this.

You should contact the authorities and force them to have an appointment, why don't you call them again.
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No even though they made the mistake u are using something with incorrect information on it .for example my husband and I moved house years ago he didn't change his driving licence to show his new address he had a speeding ticket a couple of years later the people who lived in are old house returned the paperwork to dvla when they caught up with him he received 6 points and a£1000 fine for failing to inform them
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Also a close friend of mine got a credit loan from the bank they misspelt her surname put an E instead of an A she used it the bank and police were involved thought someone was using her details'
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It will cause issues in the future.

What happens if you had to confirm you're indeed that person on that card with another ID and the names were spelt differently?
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