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Is it normal to want a bra to masturbate with?
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Hello folks, (I am a male)

I feel a bit anxious to state the first part of my story but I think it'd be best if I do. Once my sister started growing up and forming cleavage I noticed she had padded bras which in turn gave me turn on. I started browing the net for other women in bra's too. I soon came to realise that I liked the feel of silk and so I started to wear my sister's silk black hotpants (I would then put them in the wash) without anyone asking questions. My sister then had a black and white bra that was padded with a silk front. I started to wear these during night time to give me a 'sexual feel. I kind of regret doing this because it kind of sounds sick to be wearing my sister's clothes. She then started outing some lingerie as we were moving house but I noticed the black and white bra in the bin liner so I snatched it. I then came across a video of someone ejaculating onto a bra and this is where the main story begins. I now have a thing for masturbating with my sisters old black bra but would like my own but feel nervous to actually buy one. (due to what people may think). So my overall question is, is it normal to have a love for 'relieving' myself into a bra cup?
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Buy online dude, no questions asked.
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i'd say... buy your own.

or be brave enough to ask your sister for some to play with.

stealing hers ... regardless of whom you're jerking off to... does imply a sexual desire with her as the focus. she has a right to know about this. especially since it involves clothing that she's still wearing.

so really you should pick one of the following:

a) tell her
b) buy your own
c) find a woman who will share hers with you
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He said she bought new lingerie and had thrown this particular bra away.
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i sure hope so

his sister deserves better than that.
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She was going to out her old bra, like I said, I found it in a binliner before it went. I bet you've done some remarkable things in your time.
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It doesn't matter if she was going to throw it out or not, that still violates trust within the family. If you want to jerk off in her castoffs be brave and tell her about it.

As for my "remarkable" things... I draw the line at jerking off in someone else's property. Even if they throw it out. Not even my boyfriend's clothing gets used for that.
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I'd say it would be better to buy your own. But I do understand why you're turned on. Bras are just wonderful things...
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