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Is it normal to want my name off of my exs body?
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My ex has my name on his body. I cut off all contact with him recently because of my suspecions of cheating. I want my name off of his body because l don't want his new girl/girls to be able to look me up by my name. I'm afraid they will try to slander my name on the internet because of jealousy. I worry that it's already happening or will happen. Is that normal?
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You have two options :

1. Legally change your name to Bouncy McBouncalton

2. Buy a Rambo knife and slice off that piece of his skin. Forever keep it in a jar on the shelf of your toiletries cabinet.
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Normal, but unfortunately it's his body so you can't do a thing about it. There's not much point in worrying about things you have no control over and if you don't even know who these future girlfriends are, why worry about what they might or might not do?
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Yeah, I see were you're coming from, but it's his body so there's nothing you can do about it. Thank God you're nor a celebrity, because people get all sort of tattoos honoring their favorite celebrities.
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The Internet isn't that big of a deal if you don't put that much information about yourself on it. However, it's probably not so much the Internet that's bothering you, but the fact that your name is still on his body, like apart of you always remain with him.
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