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Is it normal to want sex with your step-daughter?
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I have been married to my second wife for 13 years. She has 1 married 33 year old daughter from her first marriage and 1 25 year old single daughter who live with a significant other.

I would kill to get my tongue in (for starters) the 25 year old. We have good respect for each other and I know she has caught my "wanton" glances at her. I have also caught her glancing at my "bulge". She has also brought movies to our house to watch with us that are very sexually provocative. They aren't porn, but do talk about "f**king" outside of marriage and "cumming" in women, and "going down" on him or her.

We have never had any physical encounters and she only became sexually attractive to me when she became 18. She is a knock-out, a little overweight but a very good looking woman and I am immensely sexually attracted to her.

Should I start dropping hints about my desire to have her. My wife would shoot me, castrate me, call me a pervert, and hang me up to dry if she knew of my thoughts. I am old enough to know better, but my sexual drive makes me hard just thinking about being "in her" and "cumming" in her.

Should I continue to masterbate while thinking about her or somehow find a way to communicate my feelings about her.

Hard up and dry...
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There is a strong chance she want you too (especially because of the movies part). but you have to be sure before you act.
but if you respect your wife enough you'll know not to do anything.
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its normal to be attracted to others while married but if you value your marriage wit your wife i would be very careful not to let anyone else know. if you feel as tho someone should no call a therapist having thoughts is not illegal so the therapist is bound by law to keep your secret. this way you can talk to someone who knows maybe it can help ease the urges.
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Disgusting and not to mention cheating on your wife, outrageous behavior. Don't ever try this you will loose your marrige when this gets out, and it WILL get out. See a therapist if your having issues but for christs sake don't srew up your marrige over someone who you have no business being attracted to.
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I bring rated R movies home all the time, sex scenes and everything. I watch them with my step dad and family. It dosent mean anything and I would never think about my step dad that way so I don't think the video thing has anything to do with it.

It's disgusting to me, but that's just my opinion.
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This is just a joke, but it'd be messed up if the guy who posted this was your step dad xDDD
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if you're a little overweight and a knock-out?? oh boy, oh boy
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Disgusting and desperate.
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If you both feel ok with it, go for it, just keep it to yourselves
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Disgusting, fucked up. it's my opinion.\
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Do it!!!! As long as its consensual ;)
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dude its incest!!!! my husbands sister fucked her step dad then she tried fucking her brother ever since then she has been fucked up in the head and fucking step dads and doing the most disgusting things, especially having sex right in front of her 9yr old son, you should be ashamed, hang your head sir, beat yourself to death because you are not normal and you are FUCKED UP, you shouldn't be interested in a daughter that you have raised. I dont care if she is 24 or wtf ever, you are sick and that deserves jail time you need to go to jail if you have sex with her and your wife deserves to know!!!!! i wish she would pop up on her and read it just so disgusting fucks like you can just be put away. Somethings people write on the net, it makes me wonder we you really ever supposed to be born? or should you have died a long time ago, but didn't just because of medical advances, no one should encourage this, if you do you are sick!!!
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