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Is it normal to want to be tied up?
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I am one of those people you don't know who loves / aches to be tied up and gagged. I particularly want this to be done by a woman. I wear school white plimsolls while this is taking place.I am a straight guy who really fancies women.I have been like this since I can remember; I thought I was the only one like this in the world, but no I was wrong.
So yeah; I guess it is not normal for all you vanillas out there; but leave me alone because I do not harm anyone except myself.
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i will tie u up i am a women who loves to gag a guy and torture him tie u 2 a chair u wont get out i will use anything rope tape hand cuffs but no joke i wil tie u up
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can u bound me . i m male
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I know where you are coming from and can therefore appreciate what you are saying.
I was wondering if something like that happened to me and am still unsure. I also read up on the subject of fetishism and found out in a rudimentary understanding of why the shoe fetish is my object of sexual desire. It sounds as you have a great time. I wish I had that experience.
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@: gagtied
I have a match and fire fetish I masturbate with matches by striking them under my hard throbbing cock. the smell of the sulfur and the feel of the warmth from the fire on my hard cock then the sound of the match being struck makes me cum hard it usualy takes about 15 to 20 matches unless some one else is striking them for me then it takes less
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I think it's normal. I'd like to be tied up by a woman and set on fire. I've had girls light me on fire before, but not while tied up. I
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I would love to be tied and dominated by a woman too, my gf hates anything to do with bondage gahh.
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Well I suppose it depends on how you define "normal." If it is what is accepted by the majority of the population, what is labled as a disease by physcologist etc, or what the media portrayes as normal; then, yes. But if you ask if it is the way God intended, I have to say no. Now, the Bible does not speak about being tied up anywhere that I can think of other than in the case of Sampson, it wasn't good for him. For the moment, forget trying to figure out why we want it. From personal experience, it is like other things that we crave, the more we have the more we want. The since of pleasure, at first, with being tied up is so strong that it is like getting hooked on a drug. Some people can dable with things (ie sin) and walk away, other's get hooked and it takes over their life. Just like drugs, playing with bondage can be the gateway that leads to being involved in all sorts of other perverted sexual stuff that causes lots of trouble, diseases, trouble with work, trouble with the law, seperation from God, etc. I suppose the worst part is that it causes a loss of ability to enjoy sex to the fullest the way it was created: one man, one woman, that loved each other, cared for each other, helped each other, that were focused on the other and not themselves, etc. Bondage really gets in the way of loving sustained relationship. Basically it is like all other sin, it promises the world and delivers a bucket of dirt. Maybe I was wrong, maybe the worst thing is that the guilt that is felt after being involved in bondage gets in the way of being open with God, You tend to move away from what makes you remember your guilt and toward what temporaily makes you feel good. So just like other sin, bondage moves you from being close to God to being away from God and eventually the choice to be apart from God ends in the Lake of Fire (or Hell) forever.
If I had never been tied up, I wouldn't start. If I had, I would stay away from thing that cause me to want to be. God Love you just where you are, draw close to him and he will draw close to you.
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I take it you are a Christian? Several points you should be aware of:
I am Atheist!
Why did your God let me live in ignorance of my sexuality and temptation for things I can never have or enjoy?
I have NO explanation why I am driven to these urges and would stop if I could which would leave me with no sexual pleasure / outlet. Perhaps You can explain to me why I have been made this way against my will:? I mean, I didn't ask and say "Hey! I'd love to be tied up and gagged while wearing white plimsolls and left to struggle in my bonds for sexual and reach climax / satisfaction because I'd rather do this than give pleasure to a woman / lover and be shoned upon for all my natural and not have any REAL LIFE at all.. that would be fab!" You think I chose this? You think gay people made a lifestyle choice one day and decided to fancy the opposite sex one day? No! I am bloody innocent and if there is a bloody afterlife (which I doubt very much) then I want a refund because up to now my life has been a total fucking waste of time... like my sex life!
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